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All American fit Offers Pro Massage in Seattle
For men visiting Seattle, you can have a discreet encounter at your hotel or at my place. For men who live locally, you can make a request for an "In Call" at my place to avoid the wife or other half, or just for the occasion. I don't travel with my professional table, but if you come to me the table will be ready. My place is always very clean, sanitized and well maintained. I do not have what some would call "normal" living quarters. My place is converted into a gym, with gym flooring, an incline/decline/flat bench, free weights of many sizes, an exercise ball, stretch tubing, and special foam rollers. A professional body composition scale (measuring weight, body fat, water weight, bone and more and is checked on each visit and charted. I am good looking, the man-next-door type, and clean cut, smooth, baby skin. I have a muscular and hard gym body. I am college educated, former military, former model, and well traveled. I have excellent massage skills: my visit with you will be a top-quality full front and back bodywork rub from head to toe, including hands and feet if time permits. I offer non-oil, water based body lotion that the body absorbs into the skin providing natural moisture balance. My massage pressure can be from medium to strong; depending on the area, or your preference. I will concentrate on the gluteus maximus with prostate massage, and slowly on to the frontal area with a more tender touch. My body rubs are intuitively given; I feel they are better than regular therapists, as this is a skill that I I was born with! I feel only I can provide this type of companionship, and I never fail to get complete satisfaction and compliments from each client, with a high amount of repeat clientele visits.

Age: 43
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172
Dick: L
Type: North European
Body: Bodybuilder
Main location: Seattle WA - USA


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Age: 34
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165
Dick: M
Type: North European
Body: slight belly
Main location: Seattle WA - USA

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